Who founded Takin Line Livewells? It was a young 14 year old entrepreneur that was stuck in his home during the 2020 COVID crisis.

As an avid fisherman that loves the outdoors, Bergen decided to create a livewell that addressed all the issues he experienced with the current livewells on the market. Using all the money he had made mowing lawns in Florida, Bergen developed the Takin’ Line Livewells product line. The issues he was trying to fix:

• Aerators that were dying because of exposure to water

• Loud aerators that scared away schools of fish, especially while SUP and Kayak fishing

• Cheap 5 gallon buckets that had inexpensive, uncomfortable handles with no functionality besides holding 4-5 gallons of water

• Where can I safely store my smart phone, wallet, fishing gear or other valuables?

• How I can easily access my fishing knife, fishing pliers and/or hooks/fishing gear?

• Where can I store and easily access my drink while fishing?

• Where can I store rods, nets and/or bait bats that are easily accessibly while fishing?

• How can I easily replenish the water in my livewell without turning the livewell upside down, which results in losing bait, losing gear and/or losing parts of the livewell

• How can I easily cut bait without damaging my SUP, Kayak, Boat and/or fishing pier?

• How can I easily access my live baits, while keeping them healthy/lively during kayak, SUP or pier fishing?

After a couple months of creating multiple prototypes, Bergen’s final livewell iteration was the H20+ livewell. He actually created this only for his personal use, but he had so many people asking where he purchased it, he finally decided to market it commercially. In just a short few months, Bergen has received orders from many local retailers in the southwest Florida area. Exciting for a kid who was just trying to improve his fishing experience so he could spend more time catching fish as opposed to finding/managing his gear.

Takin Line Bergen


Bergen Leach

Started Takin’ Line when he was just 14 years old to address the needs outlined in “Our Story”. Passionate about fishing, the outdoors, and maintaining a sustainable fish stock so everyone can experience the pleasure of fishing for generations to come.

“My goal to develop fishing gear that will enhance the fishing experience, allowing more people to experience the joy of fishing and the outdoors”
– Bergen
Takin Line Max

Account manager

Max Milburn

An expert, passionate fisherman that has grown up in Florida. This 16 yr old is a good friend of Bergen’s and was one of the first people to test out and use the H20 livewell. He liked it so much he wanted to be a part of the team.

In his short time as Account Manager, Max has been instrumental in developing relationships with local retailers. His passion, knowledge, and customer focused approach is a huge asset to Takin’ Line.

“I really enjoy SUP fishing and the H2O+ Livewell design allows me to focus on fishing, not stress about where my gear is, whether my bait is alive or if my phone has gotten wet. This has greatly improved my fishing experience and allowed me to catch more fish on all my trips”
– Max

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